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December 29, 2018

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New Cisco 100-105 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)

New Questions 7

R1 is configured with the default configuration of OSPF. From the following list of IP addresses configured on R1, which address will the OSPF process select as the router ID?





Answer: A


The Router ID (RID) is an IP address used to identify the router and is chosen using the following sequencE.

+ The highest IP address assigned to a loopback (logical) interface. + If a loopback interface is not defined, the highest IP address of all active router's physical interfaces will be chosen.

+ The router ID can be manually assigned

In this case, because a loopback interface is not configured so the highest active IP address is chosen as the router ID.

New Questions 8

A workstation has just resolved a browser URL to the IP address of a server. What protocol will the workstation now use to determine the destination MAC address to be placed into frames directed toward the server?






Answer: E


The RARP protocol is used to translate hardware interface addresses to protocol addresses. The RARP message format is very similar to the ARP format. When the booting computer sends the broadcast ARP request, it places its own hardware address in both the sending and receiving fields in the encapsulated ARP data packet. The RARP server will fill in the correct sending and receiving IP addresses in its response to the message. This way the booting computer will know its IP address when it gets the message from the RARP server

New Questions 9

Why do large OSPF networks use a hierarchical design? (Choose three.)

A. to decrease latency by increasing bandwidth

B. to reduce routing overhead

C. to speed up convergence

D. to confine network instability to single areas of the network

E. to reduce the complexity of router configuration

F. to lower costs by replacing routers with distribution layer switches

Answer: B,C,D


OSPF implements a two-tier hierarchical routing model that uses a core or backbone tier known as area zero (0). Attached to that backbone via area border routers (ABRs) are a number of secondary tier areas.

The hierarchical approach is used to achieve the following:

u2711 Rapid convergence because of link and/or switch failures

u2711 Deterministic traffic recovery

u2711 Scalable and manageable routing hierarchy, reduced routing overhead.

New Questions 10

What are two recommended ways of protecting network device configuration files from outside network security threats? (Choose two.)

A. Allow unrestricted access to the console or VTY ports.

B. Use a firewall to restrict access from the outside to the network devices.

C. Always use Telnet to access the device command line because its data is automatically encrypted.

D. Use SSH or another encrypted and authenticated transport to access device configurations.

E. Prevent the loss of passwords by disabling password encryption.

Answer: B,D


Using a firewall is a must for networks of any size to protect the internal network from outside threats and unauthorized access. SSH traffic is encrypted while telnet is not, so it is always recommended to use SSH.

New Questions 11

On a live network, which commands will verify the operational status of router interfaces? (Choose two.)

A. Router# show interfaces

B. Router# show ip protocols

C. Router# debug interface

D. Router# show ip interface brief

E. Router# show start

Answer: A,D


Only two commands u201cshow interfacesu201d and u201cshow ip interface briefu201d reveal the status of router interfaces (up/up, for example).

New Questions 12

A switch has 48 ports and 4 VLANs. How many collision and broadcast domains exist on the switch (collision, broadcast)?

A. 4, 48

B. 48, 4

C. 48, 1

D. 1, 48

E. 4, 1

Answer: B


A switch uses a separate collision domain for each port, and each VLAN is a separate broadcast domain.

Topic 3, Routing Fundamentals

53.The internetwork infrastructure of company XYZ consists of a single OSPF area as shown in the graphic. There is concern that a lack of router resources is impeding internetwork performance. As part of examining the router resources, the OSPF DRs need to be known. All the router OSPF priorities are at the default and the router IDs are shown with each router.

Which routers are likely to have been elected as DR? (Choose two.)

A. Corp-1

B. Corp-2

C. Corp-3

D. Corp-4

E. Branch-1

F. Branch-2

New Questions 13

The network administrator is using a Windows PC application that is called putty.exe for remote communication to a switch for network troubleshooting. Which two protocols could be used during this communication? (Choose two.)



C. Telnet



Answer: C,E


PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, and is used to connect to Cisco and other networking devices using SSH or Telnet.

New Questions 14

Refer to the exhibit.

If host A sends an IP packet to host B, what will the source physical address be in the frame when it reaches host B?



C. A1:A1:A1:A1:A1:A1

D. B2:B2:B2:B2:B2:B2

E. C3:C3:C3:C3:C3:C3

F. D4:D4:D4:D4:D4:D4

Answer: E


When packets transfer from one host to another across a routed segment, the source IP address always remains the same source IP address, and the source physical (MAC) address will be the existing routeru2019s interface address. Similarly, the destination IP address always remains the same and the destination physical (MAC) address is the destination routeru2019s interface address.

New Questions 15

What is the purpose of assigning an IP address to a switch?

A. provides local hosts with a default gateway address

B. allows remote management of the switch

C. allows the switch to respond to ARP requests between two hosts

D. ensures that hosts on the same LAN can communicate with each other

Answer: B


A switch is a layer 2 device and doesnu2019t use network layer for packet forwarding. The IP

address may be used only for administrative purposes such as Telnet access or for network management purposes.

New Questions 16

An administrator has connected devices to a switch and, for security reasons, wants the dynamically learned MAC addresses from the address table added to the running configuration.

What must be done to accomplish this?

A. Enable port security and use the keyword sticky.

B. Set the switchport mode to trunk and save the running configuration.

C. Use the switchport protected command to have the MAC addresses added to the configuration.

D. Use the no switchport port-security command to allow MAC addresses to be added to the configuration.

Answer: A




One can configure MAC addresses to be sticky. These can be dynamically learned or manually configured, stored in the address table, and added to the running configuration. If these addresses are saved in the configuration file, the interface does not need to dynamically relearn them when the switch restarts, hence enabling security as desired.

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