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February 12, 2018

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Q111. Which two enterprise campus layers are combined in a medium-sized LAN? (Choose two.) 

A. core 

B. distribution 

C. access 

D. backbone 

E. aggregation 

Answer: A,B 

Q112. Which IP telephony component supports VoIP, PoE, and QoS? 

A. client endpoints 

B. voice-enabled infrastructure 

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

D. Cisco Unified Contact Center 


Q113. Refer to the exhibit. On which router should you configure redistribution? 

A. Router 1 

B. Router 2 

C. Router 3 

D. Router 4 

E. Router 5 


Q114. If a teleworker is required to access the branch office via a secure IPSEC VPN connection, which technology is recommended to provide the underlying transport? 


B. Metro Ethernet 

C. Frame Relay 






Q116. An application uses broadcast traffic to send data to IPv4 hosts. How can the application communicate using IPv6? 

A. Anycast 

B. Unicast 

C. Broadcast 

D. Multicast 


Q117. Which network access control technology is recommended to use with Layer 2 access layer switches? 

A. 802.1q 

B. 802.1x 

C. 802.3af 

D. 802.3q 

E. 802.11n 


Q118. Which Cisco technology using Nexus NX-OS infrastructure allows the network architect to create up to four separate control and data plane instances of the Nexus chassis? 

A. virtual port-channel 

B. virtual routing and forwarding 

C. virtual switching system 

D. virtual device context 




Virtual local-area network (VLAN), virtual storage-area network (VSAN), and virtual device contexts (VDC) help to segment the LAN, SAN, and network devices instances. 

Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch for VMware ESX and ESXI help to deliver visibility and policy control for virtual machines (VM). 

Flexible networking options with support for all server form factors and vendors, including support for blade servers from Cisco, Dell, IBM, and HP with integrated Ethernet and Fiber Channel switches. 

Q119. What is the first step when creating a network security policy? 

A. define what should be protected 

B. investigate how likely an attack is to occur 

C. implement measures to protect assets 

D. hire a security firm to perform penetration tests 


Q120. What is the primary advantage of implementing a wireless LAN controller in a wireless LAN design? 

A. roaming between APs 

B. RADIUS user authentication 

C. radio resource management 

D. accelerated data transfer