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December 24, 2018

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New Cisco 200-355 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 11 - Question 20)

New Questions 11

A network engineer is configuring a WLC running Cisco AireOS for a company that uses IPv6. Which two interfaces can be configured with an IPv6 address? (Choose two.)

A. management

B. dynamic

C. AP manager

D. redundancy

E. service

Answer: A,E

New Questions 12

What is the function of the Cisco AnyConnect DART tool?

A. creates a compressed bundle of client logs and information

B. visualizes a WLAN environment, showing the possible locations of problems

C. gathers statistics from neighboring clients for comparison to the baseline

D. helps to troubleshoot a WLAN connection by using easy-to-use wizards and statistic viewers

Answer: A

New Questions 13

Refer to the exhibit.

How do improperly set Telnet/SSH parameters effect the configuration of a controller with Cisco WCS?

A. The CLI and GUI management of the controller both fail because Cisco WCS checks these credentials before opening a session.

B. The Telnet/SSH username must have sufficient privileges to execute commands in CLI templates.

C. The GUI management of the controller fails because the Cisco WCS uses the Telnet/SSH parameters to login to the controller.

D. The controller remains configured in the Cisco WCS, but no management is possible through GUI from other client browsers.

Answer: B

New Questions 14

An engineer is using WCS' client troubleshooting tool to investigate issues with a client device. What is the longest log capture they will be able to take?

A. 2 minutes

B. 5 minutes

C. 10 minutes

D. 30 minutes

Answer: C

New Questions 15

Which key combination provides a detailed wireless connection status for an Apple MacBook running 10.6?

A. Command + Click the SSID of the network

B. Alt + Click the SSID of the network

C. Command + the Airport icon

D. Option + the Airport icon

E. Ctrl + the Airport Icon

F. Option + Click the SSID of the network

Answer: D

New Questions 16

In a network with a deployed Cisco WLC, which two entities must be configured with the shared secret key for 802.1X authentication? (Choose two.)


B. RADIUS server


D. supplicant

E. wireless client

Answer: A,B

New Questions 17

A network engineer is upgrading the WLC image through the GUI for maintenance. What three transfer methods are available? (Choose three.)









Answer: A,C,D

New Questions 18

An enterprise needs their iPhones to connect to the EAP-TLS network. How should the devices be configured?

A. push profile and certificate through Configuration Utility

B. configure directly through Settings application

C. email certificate to device then configure through Settings application

D. download certificate from web page then configure through Settings application

E. push profile and certificate through iTunes

Answer: A

New Questions 19

Refer to the exhibit.

If Cisco WCS version 7.0 needs to have APs added, relocated, or removed on a respective map, which menu leads to the correct location to make that adjustment?

A. Security

B. Monitor

C. Configure

D. Services

E. Administration

F. Tools

Answer: B

New Questions 20

An engineer removed an antenna that was providing 3 dB of gain and replaced it with one that provides 16 dB of gain. How has the power level changed?

A. 20 times stronger

B. 16 times stronger

C. 20 times weaker

D. 16 times weaker

Answer: A

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