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December 29, 2018

Beginners Guide: 210 260 dumps

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New Cisco 210-260 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)

Q1. what causes a client to be placed in a guest or restricted VLAN on an 802.1x enabled network?

A. client entered wrong credentials multiple times.

B. client entered wrong credentials First time.

Answer: A

Q2. In which two situations should you use out-of-band management? (Choose two.)

A. when a network device fails to forward packets

B. when you require ROMMON access

C. when management applications need concurrent access to the device

D. when you require administrator access from multiple locations

E. when the control plane fails to respond

Answer: A,B

Q3. What data is transferred during DH for making public and private key?

A. Random prime Integer

B. Encrypteddata transfer

C. Diffie-Hellman

Answer: A

Q4. Which filter uses in Web reputation to prevent from Web Based Attacks? (Choose two)

A. outbreak filter

B. buffer overflow filter

C. bayesian overflow filter

D. web reputation

E. exploit filtering

Answer: A,D

Q5. In a security context, which action can you take to address compliance?

A. Implement rules to prevent a vulnerability.

B. Correct or counteract a vulnerability.

C. Reduce the severity of a vulnerability.

D. Follow directions from the security appliance manufacturer to remediate a vulnerability.

Answer: A

Q6. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the device time is true?

A. The time is authoritative, but the NTP process has lost contact with its servers.

B. The time is authoritative because the clock is in sync.

C. The clock is out of sync.

D. NTP is configured incorrectly.

E. The time is not authoritative.

Answer: A

Q7. Which feature of the Cisco Email Security Appliance can mitigate the impact of snowshoe spam and sophisticated phishing attacks?

A. contextual analysis

B. holistic understanding of threats

C. graymail management and filtering

D. signature-based IPS

Answer: A

Q8. In the router ospf 200 command, what does the value 200 stand for?

A. process ID

B. area ID

C. administrative distance value


Answer: A

Q9. Which two features are supported in a VRF-aware software infrastructure before VRF-lite? (Choose two)

A. priority queuing


C. multicast


E. fair queuing

Answer: B,C

Q10. What features can protect the data plane? (Choose three.)

A. policing



D. antispoofing

E. QoS

F. DHCP-snooping

Answer: B,D,F

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