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December 24, 2018

300 208 sisas [Dec 2018]

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New Cisco 300-208 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 15 - Question 24)

New Questions 15

When MAB is configured, how often are ports reauthenticated by default?

A. every 60 seconds

B. every 90 seconds

C. every 120 seconds

D. never

Answer: D

New Questions 16

Which option is the correct format of username in MAB authentication?

A. host/LSB67.cisco.com

B. chris@cisco.com

C. 10:41:7F:46:9F:89

D. CISCO\\chris

Answer: C

New Questions 17

What user rights does an account need to join ISE to a Microsoft Active Directory domain?

A. Create and Delete Computer Objects

B. Domain Admin

C. Join and Leave Domain

D. Create and Delete User Objects

Answer: A

New Questions 18

Refer to the exhibit.

If the user matches the given TACACS+ profile on Cisco ISE, which command can the user enter from shell prompt on a Cisco switch?

A. enable

B. enable 10

C. show run

D. configure terminal

Answer: B

New Questions 19

What three changes require restarting the application service on an ISE node? (Choose three.)

A. Registering a node.

B. Changing the primary node to standalone.

C. Promoting the administration node.

D. Installing the root CA certificate.

E. Changing the guest portal default port settings.

F. Adding a network access device.

Answer: A,B,C

New Questions 20

You discover that the Cisco ISE is failing to connect to the Active Directory server. Which option is a possible cause of the problem?

A. NTP server time synchronization is configured incorrectly.

B. There is a certificate mismatch between Cisco ISE and Active Directory.

C. NAT statements required for Active Directory are configured incorrectly.

D. The RADIUS authentication ports are being blocked by the firewall.

Answer: A

New Questions 21


if the user in non-compliant state and want to Get out of quarantine ?


download posture

New Questions 22

Which effect does the ip http secure-server command have on a Cisco ISE?

A. It enables the HTTP server for users to connect on the command line.

B. It enables the HTTP server for users to connect by using web-based authentication.

C. It enables the HTTPS server for users to connect by using web-based authentication.

D. It enables the HTTPS server for users to connect on the command line.

Answer: C

New Questions 23

Within a BYOD environment, when employees add devices using the My Devices Portal, which Identity Group does Cisco ISE add the endpoints to?

A. Registered

B. Employee

C. Guest

D. Profiled

Answer: D

New Questions 24

A network administrator is seeing a posture status "unknown" for a single corporate machine on the Cisco ISE authentication report, whereas the other machines are reported as "compliant". Which option is the reason for machine being reported as "unknown"?

A. Posture agent is not installed on the machine.

B. Posture policy does not support the OS.

C. Posfure compliance condition is missing on the machine.

D. Posture service is disabled on Cisco ISE.

Answer: A

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