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May 16, 2018

Advanced Guide: ccie 400 101 dumps

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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q1. Refer to exhibit.

Which two possible network conditions can you infer from this configuration? (Choose two)

A. R2 is configured as the NTP master with a stratum of 7

B. R1 is using the default NTP source configuration

C. The authentication parameters on R1 and R2 mismatched.

D. RI and R2 have established an NTP session

Answer: B,C

Q2. What are the two variants of NTPv4? (Choose two.)

A. client/server

B. broadcast

C. multicast

D. asymmetric

E. unicast

Answer: A,B

Q3. which statement about NAT64 is true?

A. It uses one-to- one mapping between IPv6 addresses and IPv4 addresses

B. It re quires static address mapping between 1Pv6 addresses and 1pv4 addresses

C. It can be used to translate an IPv6 network to another J Pv6 network

D. It can be configured for stateless and stateful transtation

Answer: D

Q4. Refer to the exhibit.

Which tag will be applied to the route?

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 40

Answer: A

Q5. Which three options must be configured when deploying OSPFv3 for authentication? (choose three.

A. encryption algorithm

B. authentication key

C. IPsec transform-set

D. authentication method

E. encryption key

F. crypto map

G. IPsec peer

H. Security parameter index

Answer: B,D,H


Refer to the exhibit. Which two conclusions can you draw from this command and its output?(choose two)

A. Rl0 has a missing label binding (or

B. The MPLS ping failed

C. exists in the global routing table

D. A valid LSP exists and it matches the corresponding MPLS FEC

E. The MPLS ping was successful

F. R10 has a valid lablel binding for

Answer: A,B

Q7. Which Cisco PfR monitoring mode is recommended for Internet edge deployments?

A. active mode

B. fast mode

C. active throughput mode

D. passive mode

Answer: D

Q8. Which statement about the RPF interface in a BIDIR-PIM network is true?

A. In a BIDIR-PIM network the RPF interface can be the interface that is used reach the PIM rendezvous or the interface that is used to reach the source.

B. In a BIDIR-PIM network the RPF interface is always the interface that is used to reach the source.

C. There is no RPF interface concept in BIDIR-PIM networks

D. In a BIDIR network the RPF interface is always the interface that is used to reach the PIM rendezvous point.

Answer: D

Q9. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements about this topology are true? (Choose two)

A. Destination is unable to use interface Fa0/1 as the LFA.

B. Interface FastEthernet 0/1 is the primary path to destination

C. The FastEthernet 0/0 and FastEthernet 0/1 interfaces are used as LFA for destination

D. Only interface FastEthernet 0/1 are used as the LFA for destination

E. Interface FastEthernet 0/0 is the primary path to destination

F. Only FastEthernet 0/0 is used as the LFA to destination

Answer: A,E

Q10. Which trunking configuration between two Cisco switches can cause a security risk?

A. configuring incorrect channel-groups on the switches.

B. disabling DTP on the trunk ports.

C. configuring different trunk modes on the switches.

D. configuring different native VLANs on the switches.

E. configuring mismatched VLANs on the trunk.

Answer: D

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