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May 17, 2016

May 2016 updated: comptia casp cas-002

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2016 May CAS-002 Study Guide Questions:

Q181. - (Topic 2) 

A storage as a service company implements both encryption at rest as well as encryption in transit of customers’ data. The security administrator is concerned with the overall security of the encrypted customer data stored by the company servers and wants the development team to implement a solution that will strengthen the customer’s encryption key. Which of the following, if implemented, will MOST increase the time an offline password attack against the customers’ data would take? 

A. key = NULL ; for (int i=0; i<5000; i++) { key = sha(key + password) } 

B. password = NULL ; for (int i=0; i<10000; i++) { password = sha256(key) } 

C. password = password + sha(password+salt) + aes256(password+salt) 

D. key = aes128(sha256(password), password)) 

Answer: A 

Q182. - (Topic 2) 

A large company is preparing to merge with a smaller company. The smaller company has been very profitable, but the smaller company’s main applications were created in-house. Which of the following actions should the large company’s security administrator take in preparation for the merger? 

A. A review of the mitigations implemented from the most recent audit findings of the smaller company should be performed. 

B. An ROI calculation should be performed to determine which company's application should be used. 

C. A security assessment should be performed to establish the risks of integration or co-existence. 

D. A regression test should be performed on the in-house software to determine security risks associated with the software. 

Answer: C 

Q183. - (Topic 4) 

An administrator attempts to install the package "named.9.3.6-12-x86_64.rpm" on a server. Even though the package was downloaded from the official repository, the server states the package cannot be installed because no GPG key is found. Which of the following should the administrator perform to allow the program to be installed? 

A. Download the file from the program publisher's website. 

B. Generate RSA and DSA keys using GPG. 

C. Import the repository's public key. 

D. Run sha1sum and verify the hash. 

Answer: C 


Up to the immediate present certainteed cas-002:

Q184. - (Topic 2) 

An insurance company has an online quoting system for insurance premiums. It allows potential customers to fill in certain details about their car and obtain a quote. During an investigation, the following patterns were detected: 

Pattern 1 – Analysis of the logs identifies that insurance premium forms are being filled in but only single fields are incrementally being updated. 

Pattern 2 – For every quote completed, a new customer number is created; due to legacy systems, customer numbers are running out. 

Which of the following is the attack type the system is susceptible to, and what is the BEST way to defend against it? (Select TWO). 

A. Apply a hidden field that triggers a SIEM alert 

B. Cross site scripting attack 

C. Resource exhaustion attack 

D. Input a blacklist of all known BOT malware IPs into the firewall 

E. SQL injection 

F. Implement an inline WAF and integrate into SIEM 

G. Distributed denial of service 

H. Implement firewall rules to block the attacking IP addresses 

Answer: C,F 

Q185. - (Topic 4) 

An administrator receives a notification from legal that an investigation is being performed on members of the finance department. As a precaution, legal has advised a legal hold on all documents for an unspecified period of time. Which of the following policies will MOST likely be violated? (Select TWO). 

A. Data Storage Policy 

B. Data Retention Policy 

C. Corporate Confidentiality Policy 

D. Data Breach Mitigation Policy 

E. Corporate Privacy Policy 

Answer: A,B 

Q186. - (Topic 2) 

Ann is testing the robustness of a marketing website through an intercepting proxy. She has intercepted the following HTTP request: 

POST /login.aspx HTTP/1.1 

Host: comptia.org 

Content-type: text/html 


Which of the following should Ann perform to test whether the website is susceptible to a simple authentication bypass? 

A. Remove all of the post data and change the request to /login.aspx from POST to GET 

B. Attempt to brute force all usernames and passwords using a password cracker 

C. Remove the txtPassword post data and change alreadyLoggedIn from false to true 

D. Remove the txtUsername and txtPassword post data and toggle submit from true to false 

Answer: C 

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Q187. - (Topic 3) 

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of a major consulting firm has significantly increased the company’s security posture; however, the company is still plagued by data breaches of misplaced assets. These data breaches as a result have led to the compromise of sensitive corporate and client data on at least 25 occasions. Each employee in the company is provided a laptop to perform company business. Which of the following actions can the CISO take to mitigate the breaches? 

A. Reload all user laptops with full disk encryption software immediately. 

B. Implement full disk encryption on all storage devices the firm owns. 

C. Implement new continuous monitoring procedures. 

D. Implement an open source system which allows data to be encrypted while processed. 

Answer: B 

Q188. - (Topic 5) 

Due to compliance regulations, a company requires a yearly penetration test. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has asked that it be done under a black box methodology. Which of the following would be the advantage of conducting this kind of penetration test? 

A. The risk of unplanned server outages is reduced. 

B. Using documentation provided to them, the pen-test organization can quickly determine areas to focus on. 

C. The results will show an in-depth view of the network and should help pin-point areas of internal weakness. 

D. The results should reflect what attackers may be able to learn about the company. 

Answer: D 

Q189. - (Topic 2) 

After reviewing a company’s NAS configuration and file system access logs, the auditor is advising the security administrator to implement additional security controls on the NFS export. The security administrator decides to remove the no_root_squash directive from the export and add the nosuid directive. Which of the following is true about the security controls implemented by the security administrator? 

A. The newly implemented security controls are in place to ensure that NFS encryption can only be controlled by the root user. 

B. Removing the no_root_squash directive grants the root user remote NFS read/write access to important files owned by root on the NAS. 

C. Users with root access on remote NFS client computers can always use the SU command to modify other user’s files on the NAS. 

D. Adding the nosuid directive disables regular users from accessing files owned by the root user over NFS even after using the SU command. 

Answer: C 

Q190. - (Topic 5) 

An industry organization has implemented a system to allow trusted authentication between all of its partners. The system consists of a web of trusted RADIUS servers communicating over the Internet. An attacker was able to set up a malicious server and conduct a successful man-in-the-middle attack. Which of the following controls should be implemented to mitigate the attack in the future? 

A. Use PAP for secondary authentication on each RADIUS server 

B. Disable unused EAP methods on each RADIUS server 

C. Enforce TLS connections between RADIUS servers 

D. Use a shared secret for each pair of RADIUS servers 

Answer: C 

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