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December 24, 2018

Accurate CAS-002 bootcamp Reviews & Tips

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New CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

In order to reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction, a large corporation is creating a BYOD policy. It will allow access to email and remote connections to the corporate enterprise from personal devices; provided they are on an approved device list. Which of the following security measures would be MOST effective in securing the enterprise under the new policy? (Select TWO).

A. Provide free email software for personal devices.

B. Encrypt data in transit for remote access.

C. Require smart card authentication for all devices

D. Implement NAC to limit insecure devices access.

E. Enable time of day restrictions for personal devices.

Answer: : B,D

New Questions 3

After being informed that the company DNS is unresponsive, the system administrator issues the following command from a Linux workstation:

Once at the command prompt, the administrator issues the below commanD. Which of the following is true about the above situation?

A. The administrator must use the sudo command in order to restart the service.

B. The administrator used the wrong SSH port to restart the DNS server.

C. The service was restarted correctly, but it failed to bind to the network interface.

D. The service did not restart because the bind command is privileged.

Answer: A

New Questions 4

An enterprise must ensure that all devices that connect to its networks have been previously approved. The solution must support dual factor mutual authentication with strong identity assurance. In order to reduce costs and administrative overhead, the security architect wants to outsource identity proofing and second factor digital delivery to the third party. Which of the following solutions will address the enterprise requirements?

A. Implementing federated network access with the third party.

B. Using a HSM at the network perimeter to handle network device access.

C. Using a VPN concentrator which supports dual factor via hardware tokens.

D. Implementing 802.1x with EAP-TTLS across the infrastructure.

Answer: D

New Questions 5

In an effort to reduce internal email administration costs, a company is determining whether to outsource its email to a managed service provider that provides email, spam, and malware protection. The security manager is asked to provide input regarding any security implications of this change.

Which of the following BEST addresses risks associated with disclosure of intellectual property?

A. Require the managed service provider to implement additional data separation.

B. Require encrypted communications when accessing email.

C. Enable data loss protection to minimize emailing PII and confidential data.

D. Establish an acceptable use policy and incident response policy.

Answer: C

New Questions 6

A Physical Security Manager is ready to replace all 50 analog surveillance cameras with IP cameras with built-in web management. The Security Manager has several security guard desks on different networks that must be able to view the cameras without unauthorized people viewing the video as well. The selected IP camera vendor does not have the ability to authenticate users at the camera level. Which of the following should the Security Manager suggest to BEST secure this environment?

A. Create an IP camera network and deploy NIPS to prevent unauthorized access.

B. Create an IP camera network and only allow SSL access to the cameras.

C. Create an IP camera network and deploy a proxy to authenticate users prior to accessing the cameras.

D. Create an IP camera network and restrict access to cameras from a single management host.

Answer: C

New Questions 7

A bank provides single sign on services between its internally hosted applications and externally hosted CRM. The following sequence of events occurs:

1. The banker accesses the CRM system, a redirect is performed back to the organizationu2019s internal systems.

2. A lookup is performed of the identity and a token is generated, signed and encrypted.

3. A redirect is performed back to the CRM system with the token.

4. The CRM system validates the integrity of the payload, extracts the identity and performs a lookup.

5. If the banker is not in the system and automated provisioning request occurs.

6. The banker is authenticated and authorized and can access the system. This is an example of which of the following?

A. Service provider initiated SAML 2.0

B. Identity provider initiated SAML 1.0

C. OpenID federated single sign on

D. Service provider initiated SAML 1.1

Answer: : A

New Questions 8

A business owner has raised concerns with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) because money has been spent on IT security infrastructure, but corporate assets are still found to be vulnerable. The business recently implemented a patch management product and SOE hardening initiative. A third party auditor reported findings against the business because some systems were missing patches. Which of the following statements BEST describes this situation?

A. The business owner is at fault because they are responsible for patching the systems and have already been given patch management and SOE hardening products.

B. The audit findings are invalid because remedial steps have already been applied to patch servers and the remediation takes time to complete.

C. The CISO has not selected the correct controls and the audit findings should be assigned to them instead of the business owner.

D. Security controls are generally never 100% effective and gaps should be explained to stakeholders and managed accordingly.

Answer: D

New Questions 9

A companyu2019s security policy states that its own internally developed proprietary Internet facing software must be resistant to web application attacks. Which of the following methods provides the MOST protection against unauthorized access to stored database information?

A. Require all development to follow secure coding practices.

B. Require client-side input filtering on all modifiable fields.

C. Escape character sequences at the application tier.

D. Deploy a WAF with application specific signatures.

Answer: A

New Questions 10

Continuous monitoring is a popular risk reduction technique in many large organizations with formal certification processes for IT projects. In order to implement continuous monitoring in an effective manner which of the following is correct?

A. Only security related alerts should be forwarded to the network team for resolution.

B. All logs must be centrally managed and access to the logs restricted only to data storage staff.

C. Logging must be set appropriately and alerts delivered to security staff in a timely manner.

D. Critical logs must be monitored hourly and adequate staff must be assigned to the network team.

Answer: C

New Questions 11

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at a large organization has been reviewing some security-related incidents at the organization and comparing them to current industry trends. The desktop security engineer feels that the use of USB storage devices on office computers has contributed to the frequency of security incidents. The CISO knows the acceptable use policy prohibits the use of USB storage devices. Every user receives a popup warning about this policy upon login. The SIEM system produces a report of USB violations on a monthly basis; yet violations continue to occur. Which of the following preventative controls would MOST effectively mitigate the logical risks associated with the use of USB storage devices?

A. Revise the corporate policy to include possible termination as a result of violations

B. Increase the frequency and distribution of the USB violations report

C. Deploy PKI to add non-repudiation to login sessions so offenders cannot deny the offense

D. Implement group policy objects

Answer: D

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