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May 31, 2016

network plus practice test n10-005 (151 to 160)

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Exam Code: N10-005 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2016 May N10-005 Study Guide Questions:

Q151. Joe, a user, has a computer that has a link light on his network interface card (NIC); however, Joe is unable to access the Internet. Which of the following is the cause of this issue? 

A. Faulty GBIC 

B. Faulty SFP 

C. Cable is a crossover 

D. VLAN mismatch 

Answer: D 

Q152. Which of the following security appliances are used to only identify traffic on individual systems? 

A. Host based IPS 

B. Application based IPS 

C. Network based IDS 

D. Host based IDS 

Answer: D 

Q153. Which of the following commands will provide an administrator with the number of hops a packet takes from host to host? 

A. nslookup 

B. ping 

C. traceroute 

D. route 

Answer: C 


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Q154. A firewall that detects and prevents attacks from outside the network based on learned data patterns can BEST be described as which of the following? 

A. Signature based IDS 

B. Behavior based IPS 

C. Host based IPS 

D. Network based IDS 

Answer: B 

Q155. A user moves from one office to another. When the user logs onto their computer, it has local access to shared drives but no Internet access. A technician determines that the computer has an IP address in the wrong subnet. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? 

A. Incorrect VLAN 

B. MTU mismatch 

C. Hijacked HOSTS file 

D. Missing routes 

Answer: A 

Q156. An application is using port 2000 on a PC. Which of the following could an administrator do to determine what software is listening on that port? 

A. Run netstat 

B. Run dig 

C. Run nbtstat 

D. Run tracert 

Answer: A 

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Free n10-005 objectives:

Q157. A network administrator has been assigned the network and assigns the following computer’s IP addresses: 

When the administrator tries to ping the other computers from, an ECHO REPLY is not received. Which of the following must the network administrator do? 

A. Change the IP of to 

B. Change the IP of to 

C. Change the default gateway of accordingly. 

D. Reconfigure the switch for the right VLAN. 

Answer: B 

Q158. Which of the following is the Telco end of a T1 demarc? 

A. Smart jack 

B. Network tap 

C. Proxy server 


Answer: A 

Q159. A user is trying to connect to the wireless network in the office but is unable to establish a consistent connection. The computer alternates connecting between several similarly configured access points. Which of the following would be the BEST way to address this issues? 

A. Adjust the signal strength of the access points with minimal coverage overlap. 

B. Increase the pool in each of the access points to avoid running out of IPs. 

C. Configure each access point to use a different method of encryption than the others. 

D. Reconfigure each of the access points so that they broadcast different SSIDs. 

Answer: A 

Q160. A technician has a network with a mix of newer and older equipment. Which of the following settings would dynamically configure whether to use full or half duplex? 

A. Transmission speed 

B. Frequency 

C. Auto-negotiate 

D. Distance 

Answer: C 

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