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September 1, 2016

Advanced Guide: n10-005 comptia network+ pdf

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2016 Sep n10-005 simulator questions:

Q41. Which of the following is used to embed the MAC address of an Ethernet interface in a corresponding IPv6 address? 

A. Subnet 

B. IANA prefix 

C. EUI-64 

D. Site-local 

Answer: C 

Q42. Which of the following has the LEAST amount of collisions in a domain? 

A. Bridge 

B. Hub 

C. Repeater 

D. Switch 

Answer: D 

Q43. Which of the following preventative measures would BEST secure a web server from being port scanned by attackers publicly? 

A. Content filter 

B. Proxy server 

C. ACL implicit allow 

D. Firewall 

Answer: D 

Q44. A technician is having issues accessing the Internet from the workstation. They are able to ping the DNS server and their default gateway. Which of the following commands can be used to verify DNS is functioning properly? 

A. nslookup 

B. netstat 

C. traceroute 

D. nbtstat 

Answer: A 

Q45. A company has been given a Class C address to be utilized for all devices. The company has several subnets and the largest subnet has 15 hosts. Which of the following represents the MINIMUM CIDR notation of this subnet mask? 

A. /26 

B. /27 

C. /28 

D. /29 

Answer: B 


Up to the minute n10-005:

Q46. A user reports that some normally accessible external sites are not responding, but most other sites are responding normally. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? 

A. VLAN tag mismatch 

B. Wrong subnet mask 

C. Smurf attack 

D. Faulty routing rule 

Answer: D 

Q47. Which of the following network protocols is used to transport email between servers? 


B. POP3 



Answer: D 


Workstations are unable to access the internet after a recent power outage. Configure the appropriate devices to ensure All workstations have internet connectivity. 


Q49. A network where all traffic feeds through a centralized gateway uses which of the following topologies? 

A. Peer-to-peer 

B. Ring 

C. Bus 

D. Star 

Answer: D 

Q50. Which of the following does Kerberos use to authenticate? 

A. Tickets 

B. Servers 

C. Users 

D. Clients 

Answer: A 

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