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January 12, 2018

The Secret of Sales-Cloud-Consultant test question

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What is a benefit of using Advanced Currencies?

Answer: Advanced currency management allows you to manage dated exchange rates within opportunities using Salesforce. Dated exchange rates allow you to map a conversion rate to a specific date range. Dated exchange rates are defined using a start date and a conversionrate. Each rate is in effect until either the end of time or the day before the next start date for that currency.


Explain a sales territory?

Answer: An account sharing system that grants access based on characteristics of accounts.


Sales Methodology means an industry recognized standard sales process?

Answer: False - Sales Methodology is what works for yourorganizationtools such as MillerHeismanleverage learning in this area.


We deal with a very large volume of merchants that fall under partner accounts. We need a way to easily track renewals for these accounts. The volume is too high to manually create renewal opportunities for each account. Is there a way to automate this?

Answer: Using APEX trigger you can develop logic and create renewal opp every time when current opp is closed. This will give you great forecast of upcoming revenue and have renewal deals ready to go.


Org wide default (account) = private; Universal Companies account owned by Karen, Universal Storage account & Universal Containers Account child accounts to Universal Containers and both owned by Bob, Universal Monitors account owned by Sue child account to Universal Storage, Universal Boxes account owned by Mark childaccount of Universal storage.

Answer: Know who can see what.


Reps only entering opportunities after the closed/won stage – how to change this behavior (choose 2 answers:)

A. Remove stages& fields that are not critical

B. Create opportunity stage report

C. User adoption dashboard

D. Workflow rule to alert sales manager when opportunity stage changes

Answer: AC

Q87. A strong pipeline requires faster response. Which of the following example describes a need for faster response?

A. Leads are qualified but not routed to the right people

B. Campaigns are launched without communicating the follow-up plan

C. Leads are tracked in separate systems, not accessible by all

D. As business matures, it becomes difficult to identify right prospects

Answer: A

Q88. Who is most interested in seamless migration?

A. Sales Reps

B. Sales/Marketing Managers

C. Sales/Marketing VP


Answer: D

Q89. Match the following loading option to the description of when to useit. "ETL Tool"

A. Brian wants to consolidate all his accounts from several systems.

B. Bill wants to load 20,000 lead records.

C. Beckywants to load all her 65,000 contact records.

D. Bob wants to load asingle account record.

E. Berta wants to keep a separate system asher "system of record"

Answer: A


How can you search foraChatterGroup?

Answer: Use Global Search or use the search tools on the Groups tab.